Theme of AstroQUEST

AstroQUEST is a National level Interschool Online Quiz in the form of a comprehension based competition among students aged 12 to 18 years. In AstroQUEST, more than 8000 schools of INDIA are being connected. The competition aims to assess students’ grasping ability in the field of astronomy and to encourage their interest by rewarding with AstroGenius Cerificates in the categories of Gold, Silver, Bronze, Ivory & Enthusiast.

Astronomy and Astrophysics are such areas which fascinate students and also help them explore & learn fundamentals of Science and Mathematics quite early in life.

AstroQUEST is open to all students in the age group 12 to 18 years, who are studying in any school across India.

A participating student in AstroQUEST would be asked to study 10 pre-loaded write-ups on some topics under Astronomy and Astrophysics. After studying these 10 write-ups, the participating student would enter in a virtual contest room where a Quiz of 20 multiple-choice questions will appear. These questions would be selected from a question bank in real time to test the grasping of student from the given 10 write-ups.

The participating students will be rewarded at two age levels –
Junior : for students 15 and under
Senior : for students 16 to 18 years old

Based on Quiz score, “AstroGENIUS” Certificates will be awarded in both age groups
(Maximum Quiz Score: 100 | Total 20 Questions of 5 marks each)

Win AstroGENIUS Gold Certificate at 100% Score
Win AstroGENIUS Silver Certificate at 92% - 100% Score
Win AstroGENIUS Bronze Certificate at 85% - 92% Score
Win AstroGENIUS Ivory Certificate at 75% - 85% Score
Win AstroQUEST Enthusiast Certificate at 75% or below Score

All Winners of AstroGenius GOLD Certificate will be invited for Astronomy and Astrophysics National Convention at MSBS School in Mid 2016

Note : You can book your seat in AstroQUEST by registering (its FREE) on any of the date as per AstroQUEST Schedule which is live in the window period till 31-Dec-2015. After the window period Quiz ends and all participating students would also be given their “National Percentile” among all participating students from India based on their scores in Quiz. Top candidates from every city will be called for a National Astronomy Convention in 2016 to be held at and organized by MSBS School, Jaipur.