1. Inauguration of Astronomy Club
  2. World Space Week 2014 (10 October, 2014)

    Maharaja Sawai Bhawani Singh School, Jaipur (Rajasthan) participated in the event on October 10, 2014.

    Event : Poster Making Competition
    Event ID : 7730
    Event Description : : A 45 minutes Poster Making Competition on Theme: Space guiding your way
    Report on the Results : Event completed successfully. Students and Teachers participated in the event with great enthusiasm.
    Attendance : 280
  3. A workshop on International Space Station (ISS) (18 December, 2014)
  4. A workshop on Life support system of International Space Station (ISS) (18 January, 2015)
  5. Workshop on Milkyway Galaxy (7 July 2015)

    Students learned about formation and structure of milky-way galaxy, our position in it and centre of galaxy, the supermassive black hole known as "Sag-A*". The leccture in the workshop were delivered by curator of club Mr. Lokendra Singh Pawar & Mr. Abhishek Agrawal. The renowned academician and mentor of club Mr. Ashish Arora enlighted the students about AstroQUEST, the online national level Astronomy competition based on comprehension.The workshop was concluded by meeting of members of Astro-kid committee regarding upcoming activities of club.

  6. Solar System Model Making Activity (21 July 2015)

    Students actively praticipated in the activity of making styrofoam model of sun and planet revolving it. Nine teams of eight members each were formed and each team is assigned a name as per the planet designed by them. The models occupy an important position on the wall of space zone.