1. Inauguration of Astronomy Club
  2. World Space Week 2014 (10 October, 2014)
  3. Workshop on International Space Station (18 December, 2014)
  4. Workshop on Milkyway Galaxy (7 July 2015)
  5. Solar System Model Making Activity (21 July 2015)
  6. Solar System Model Making Activity (2 August 2015)
  7. Satellite Launching (31 August 2015)
  8. World Space Week (7 October 2015)
  9. Solar System Mounting (1 November 2015)
  10. Beginning of Time and Space (14 December 2015)
  11. World Space Week 2016 (5 October 2016)
  12. Workshop on Gravity and Space

    A workshop was conducted on 20th April 2017 on gravity and space .Concepts were explained by a short documentry on gravity.In workshop students were explained about revolution of planets around sun, weightlessness, microgravity .students actively participated and asked their queries.It was the first session of academic year 2017-18.New members from class 7th to 10th joined the club with great enthusiasm.

  13. Baking Soda Vinegar Rocket (8 May 2017)

    Students learned about Application of Newton's third law and how it is used to launch rockets into space. This was studied using a chemical reaction of Baking Soda and Vinegar which evolved carbondioxide gas.

  14. Image Formation and Telescope Principle (10 July 2017)

    In this activity, students learnt about formation of images through convex lens. The activity to calculate focal length of lens was explained by optical bench experiment. Followed by this, students learnt about working and construction of telescope.

  15. Watch and Write Session (2 August 2017)

    Students watched 5 small documetries on Universe and Space and answered a Questionnaire based on it. This activity was based on self learning by watching and students interpreted it by answering questions in their own creative way.

  16. World Space Week [CINESPACE] 2017 (9 October 2017)

    This activity was performed by students during World Space Week 2017. This is the fourth consecutive year of conduction World Space Week by AstriKID members. Students in a group made documentaries on this year WSW theme and the same was presented infront of the club members.

  17. Formation of Solar System and Existence of Earth (4 December 2017)

    A session of Formation of Solar System and Existence of Earth. It was a brief discussion on formation of planets in our solar system. It also included Solar Winds and Geo-Magnetic field.